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Are Your Electrics Safe?

Are your electrics safe? With meters and meters of electrical cabling running under our floors, behind our walls and even across our ceilings, out of sight is often out of mind. But, with faulty wiring being a major cause of house fires, it is essential that we do not forget about it just because we can not see it. It is very important that we make sure our household electrics are properly maintained. Over time electrical installations can become damaged and degrade. Over enthusiastic DIY can leave its mark, wires work loose and the odd passing mouse may even take a nibble. Age can cause cables and switches to deteriorate and we often do not find out about it until it is too late. This is where an electrical Condition Report comes in.

An electrical Condition Report is a periodic test and inspection of an electric installation. It is designed to thoroughly assess the condition of the circuits in your property and will highlight any areas of concern. During the electric inspection, rigorous tests are carried out to ensure that your wiring is safe. The tests are designed to make sure there are no defects that could be dangerous. The inspection will check the quality and condition of the wiring and ensure that there is no risk of getting an electric shock or a burn when using the system. It will make sure that there are no electrical faults that could potentially cause heat damage or a fire, most people’s worst nightmare. The electrician will check that the standard of wiring meets current regulations and that there are no problems making the installation unsafe to use. The focus of the inspection is to detect and record any factors that might affect safety. After completing the electrical Condition Report, we will be able to recommend how to rectify any problems that the testing may have uncovered.

The NICEIC, the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, offer guidance for when and how often electrical Condition Reports should be carried out. They suggest domestic properties should have an electric inspection every 10 years. Landlords of rental properties are advised to get one done with each change of tenant, and properties such as caravan parks and swimming pools should be tested on a yearly basis. However, these are only guidelines. Different circumstances may mean it is advisable to have an inspection carried out more often.

There are many reasons why a report may be needed sooner than anticipated. If you think an electric installation has been damaged or vandalised then it should always be checked by a qualified electrician. Environmental factors can also cause more frequent testing to be needed. Exposure to the elements can quickly damage an installation, and lead to the electric components becoming corroded and not working properly. Older electrics will also require more regular testing as the condition of wiring can degrade severely with age. If you have recently changed the use of your property, maybe from private occupancy to rental, then it is also worth investing in an electrical Condition Report.

Never turn a blind eye to any concerns, general or otherwise, you may have over your electrical wiring. If you have even the slightest worry over the install contact us and request an electrical Condition Report to put your mind at ease.

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